Deicer and Anti-Icing 

We know that your number one concern during winter months is safety. Frozen roads, slippery parking lots and icy sidewalks can cause unnecessary accidents. This can create to hazards to patrons and businesses. Our products offer peace of mind for snow fighters large and small. If you’re a business owner, snow doesn’t just bring the threat of lost business from people staying off the roads. Snow and ice also brings the threat of injury. Slips, trips and falls accounted for 800 workplace fatalities in 2015. Of course, these types of accidents can happen year-round, but in winter, when there’s snow and ice covering everything, a more hazardous environment is created. In 2014, Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 42,480 workplace injuries and illnesses involving ice and snow.

Liquid deicers are versatile and can be used for both anti-icing and deicing. Anti-Icing is a proactive measure used to prevent a strong bond between ice or frost and the pavement. Deicing is a reactive measure where product is applied to the top of an accumulation of snow, ice, or frost that is already bonded to the pavement. Ready to use option for parking lots, sidewalks, steps and ramps, driveways and of course roadways. Liquid deicers are a popular solution for state, municipal, commercial and residential property maintenance personnel. Our products are environmentally friendly. Liquid deicer is a less corrosive option versus other forms of ice control.

Our Liquid Deicer Product Line

Meltdown™ & Meltdown™ Inhibited