Meltdown Apex™

Meltdown Apex™ is our premium, enhanced liquid deicer & anti-icing product. Offering enhanced melting capacities and longer cycle times between routes which significantly decreases costs. Meltdown Apex™ has amplified concentrations of its active ingredient making Meltdown Apex™ Better-Faster-Stronger. Meltdown Apex™ delivers a 12°F improvement in freeze point over any other liquid deicer. This performance enhanced magnesium chloride (MgCl2) brine not only produces results at lower temperatures, it also improves the ability to combat snow and ice buildup on road surfaces. Apex can be used as a stand-alone product or blended with salt to expedite snow and ice melt and enhance traction.

“My experience with Meltdown Apex™ has been nothing but positive. When Meltdown Apex™ is applied to my roads, they stay wet even at low temperatures below zero.”

Ryan Stavros

Nitro Green LLC. Hailey Idaho

Contact Ken at 208-438-5025 for more details and ordering information.